Now Open: Good Dog Bar and Dog Park in Auburn

Good Dog Bar and Dog Park in Auburn

No more sad puppy dog eyes when you leave the house for some fun! Your furry friends are welcome at to join you in making new buddies at the newly-opened Good Dog Bar and Dog Park in Auburn. Located in conjunction wtih Pawm’s Pet Resort, this fixture is sure to bring good times for pups and people alike. Keep reading for more details!

All about Good Dog Bar and Dog Park in Auburn

What exactly is Good Dog Bar and Dog Park? It’s all in the name! For the pups, it’s a place to roam and play. For the people, it’s a place to relax and have a drink. Sounds like a win-win!

Good Dog Bar and Dog Park in Auburn is one of several new Alabama locations, with the first opening in Birmingham. Other parks have been planned as well for Tuscaloosa and Huntsville.

The Auburn location just held its successful grand opening on March 31st, welcoming founding members and their fluffy family members out to play.

Another excuse to visit

In addition to it being a playground for you and Fido alike, here’s another reason to check out Good Dog Bar and Dog Park: they donate a portion of their profits back into the community. One percent of each purchase will immediately go into the pockets of the Lee County Humane Society or Storybook Farm.

What does the park feature?

Now, you can kick back with a brew as your dog plays in the 16,000-square-foot outdoor dog park area. The park features incredible draws, like:

  • Food trucks from locally owned places
  • Beer, seltzers, and wine from the bar
  • A separate dog park for smaller dogs
  • Lots of potential new friends!

Visiting details

You can find Good Dog Bar and Dog Park at 203 East University Dr. in Auburn, affixed to Pawm’s Pet Resort. And, if your dog ever needs a place to stay while you’re away, they will have access to the park if you check them in to Pawm’s Pet Resort.

Hours run from 4 to 10 p.m., Monday through Friday, as well as noon to 10 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Don’t forget your tickets! It costs $10 to come play for the day.

Want to bring your dog again and again? Consider a $40 monthly membership or a $300 yearly one.

Safety info

Good Dog Bar and Dog Park takes safety seriously. They will have Bark Rangers (cutest name ever!) in place to help playtime stay fun and light.

However, they also ask that you do your part as well to ensure a great experience for all, like, proving your dog is up-to-date on vaccination records and signing a waiver. Dogs must also be at least four months old to enter, and all dogs older than six months must be spayed or neutered. Check out the full rules list and FAQs here.

Please also be aware that the park and bar is not kid-friendly, so no children will be admitted.


Get those tails wagging at Good Dog Bar and Park in Auburn. Beer and buddies—now that’s the place to be!

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