Now Open: Mizu Japanese Ramen Express Auburn

Mizu Japanese Ramen Express Auburn

Have you been searching for a winter pick-me-up ever since Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of winter? Fortunately, you can now warm up at Mizu Japanese Ramen Express Auburn with a steaming bowl of authentic Japanese-style ramen.

About Mizu Japanese Ramen Express Auburn

Mizu Japanese Ramen Express celebrated its official opening on January 6th. Located off Opelika Road, the new restaurant is bringing a taste of Japan to The Plains.

According to their website, it’s all about the fresh ingredients, authentic Japanese noodles and Mizu Ramen’s “unique aging method” for their soup base. To clarify, they put the soup base in a special pot and “boil it for 18 hours.” In the end, you have a rich, flavorful broth—perfect for Japanese ramen.

The menu

If you’ve never been to Japan or to an authentic Japanese ramen restaurant, you are in for a treat when you visit Mizu Japanese Ramen Express Auburn. From the décor to the food, there are genuine hints of Japan in every detail.

Not sure what to order? For starters, try the yakitori, which is basically skewered grilled chicken. Or, if you like seafood, the Takoyaki may be a good choice, affectionately known as “Japanese octopus balls.” Think hush puppies with diced or minced octopus, pickled ginger and green onions.

Next up, it’s ramen time! With a wide variety to choose from, the good news is that you can come back again and again to find your favorite. One popular choice is the Tonkotsu Red Ramen. This dish features a pork broth, pork chashu, spicy bean sprouts, green onions, spinach, a spiral fish cake and a half-seasoned egg with thick noodles.

Don’t forget to order a delicious Japanese tea too, including bubble tea, milk tea or fruit tea. Get a jump start on your order before you visit. Check out Auburn’s full menu here.


Make your way to 1463 Opelika Road to find Mizu Japanese Ramen Express, formerly The Juicy Seafood. That’s only a 5-minute drive from Shelton Mill Townhomes!

Are you a social butterfly? Flutter over to Mizu Ramen’s Facebook for special announcements, offers, mouthwatering images and more!


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