Coming Soon: Rumble Boxing Auburn

Rumble Boxing Auburn

Get ready to throw some punches this spring at Rumble Boxing Auburn. This high-intensity experience combines boxing drills with strength training exercises for one full-body workout!

About Rumble Boxing Auburn

To summarize, at its core, Rumble Boxing is boxing-inspired group fitness for all levels. Each 45-minute class delivers a 10-round fight that really packs a punch.

Wondering what to expect with a Rumble workout?

For starters, there is typically a three-minute warmup. Followed by five rounds of boxing drills, five rounds of strength training and a brief cooldown.

But that’s not all. You’ll get your heart pumping to the heart-pounding beats of custom hip-hop and house mash-ups!

What’s more, you’ll be able to blow off steam seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

More about Rumble Boxing

Founded in New York City in 2017, Rumble Boxing came onto the scene to shake up tired group fitness routines.

Rumble Boxing Auburn is one of the many new locations popping up across the country. Each studio features Rumble Boxing’s specially designed, water-filled, teardrop-style boxing bags and more.

The boxing workouts all center on six punches. First, there’s the jab. Second, it’s all about the cross. Third, watch out for those front and back hooks. Last but not least, it’s the uppercuts.

The lights, the music, the punches, the vibe—all work together to create a fun, high-energy workout that will leave you smiling and sweating! Plus, you’ll improve your balance and hand-eye coordination, build muscle and relieve stress.


Rumble Boxing Auburn will be located in Tiger Town at 2528 Enterprise Drive in Opelika. It will in the same area as World Market and Party City.

Connect with Rumble Boxing Auburn on Facebook and Instagram for special offers—like becoming a founding member—and the latest news, like opening day.


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