In the News: Auburn University’s Record-Number of Applicants for 2022

Auburn University’s record-number of applicants for 2022

Have you heard the latest news about university hopefuls making college plans? For starters, on the Plains, data indicates Auburn University’s record-number of applicants for 2022 is just the beginning!

In the news

According to a recent report, Auburn University’s record-number of applicants for 2022 topped 40,000 for the first time ever.

Needless to say, with applications at an all-time high, those anticipated acceptance letters have never been so wanted!

A handful of potential applicants may already know if they will indeed be Auburn University freshman for the fall 2022 semester.

Early decisions are made from October through January. About 9,600 applicants found themselves in this category. Generally, acceptance letters are received in March.

Typically, the average incoming Auburn freshman scored about a 28.6 on the ACT and had a grade point average of about 4.21, among other things.

Other stats

As for other interesting statistics, data showed a 76 percent increase in applicants from Alabama. In fact, at least one application was received from a student in each county.

Applications were received from across the country as well. One reason for the increase? The university joined forces with Common App last year in an effort to reach more highly qualified students.

Apparently, the campaign and app worked. To date, the university said they received more than 26,000 applications thanks to the app.

Overall, figures indicate a 68.5 jump from the number of applicants from 2021 versus 2022. Not surprisingly, there’s a 155 percent increase from fall 2020.


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