In the News: Dinius Park in Auburn

Dinius Park in Auburn

Motorists may have noticed the beginning of construction on a large, wooded tract of land on East Glenn Avenue between Dean Road and East University Drive. The site is the future home of Dinius Park in Auburn, which will preserve the natural beauty of the property.

Community Benefits From Family Generosity

Dinius Park in Auburn will soon offer residents a tranquil retreat as a beautiful greenspace in the heart of the city. The idea of this passive park is the vision of Dinius family, whose generous donations of land and funding have made this project a reality.

For those of you wondering what in the world a passive park is, think leisure and nature. By definition, a passive park is a less structured park that requires little specialized development, has little effect on the natural habitat, and focuses more on leisure activities.

Greenspace in the City

Minimal trees will be removed during the development of Dinius Park in Auburn. The idea is to keep the view of the street blocked so visitors can enjoy the peace and quiet of the woods as they walk along the winding half-mile trail.

The trail will wrap around a pond and circle around two designated dog parks—one for small dogs and one for large. The grounds will also have restroom facilities and parking completed during phase one. A tentative grand opening is planned for the spring or summer 2021.

Future Plans for The Park

Eventually, Dinius Park in Auburn will be a place for children to let their imaginations run wild in a nature playground. The playground will be constructed out of natural elements like wood and rocks. Depictions shown on the City of Auburn’s website picture tree house forts, giant nests, and logs to climb.

The park will also have a pavilion and a dock as well as an overlook around the pond. In the meantime, residents should note there will be periodic lane closures on Glenn Avenue during the project.


If the idea of living near a slice of greenspace in the city is appealing to you, you are in luck! Shelton Mill Townhomes is centrally located and close to both the city and the future site of Dinius Park. Stop by for a visit, or start by finding out more about our community through our other blogs!