Local Spotlight: Chewacla State Park in Auburn

Chewacla State Park in Auburn

As folks around here are quick to note, there’s almost always somewhere lovely to visit in our little village on the plains. That might ring especially true for one of the natural wonders that bless our area: Chewacla State Park in Auburn. From reeling in a big catch to relaxing by the lakeshore, you’ll find spending time at our local state park just lovely.

About the Park

Chewacla State Park in Auburn spans 696 scenic acres of eastern Alabama wilderness and campgrounds. The park’s crown jewel, a 26-acre lake, allows outdoor enthusiasts to kayak, canoe, swim, dive, sunbathe, fish, and more.

Since 1939, the park has given the outdoorsy among us an outlet to reconnect with their roots. If outdoor recreation or adventure makes your agenda, Chewacla State Park in Auburn is easily accessible. It rests minutes away from the city of Auburn.

Experiencing Chewacla

Being so close to Auburn proper, Chewacla offers options for all kinds of excursions. Plan a day trip with friends or go camping with the family. Chewacla State Park in Auburn can accommodate. At the park, you can:

Hike or bike trails;

Visit the falls;

Cookout or picnic;

Hang out at the lake;

Kayak or canoe;

Cast out a line;

Go for a swim;

Examine wildlife;



Camp in cabins or campgrounds;

Take to the playgrounds;

And more!

Whatever strikes your fancy, Chewacla State Park probably has an outdoor activity well-suited to you. Rough it in the campgrounds or spend time in more luxurious quarters courtesy of the park’s cabins. Sunbathe lakeside or spend your day traversing the rocky falls. It’s up to you!

Visiting the Park

Deemed essential, visitors can head to Chewacla State Park in Auburn even during a global pandemic. The cost for admission is minimal and a few dollars on hand should cover the fees, depending on the party size. Card payment is also available. The park is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day of the week.


Chewacla State Park in Auburn has become a welcome retreat for everyone from outdoorsmen to beach bums. When you visit our local state park, you’ll be somewhere worthwhile.

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