Things to Do: Explore Floral Trails in Auburn and Opelika

floral trails in Auburn and Opelika

As spring unfolds and the sun invites us all outside, the arrival of blooming flowers transforms the world around us. Each spring’s florals put on the best and prettiest show for everyone to enjoy. For a chance to see some of this beauty locally, make plans to explore two floral trails in Auburn and Opelika.

Auburn Floral Trail

Happening right now through April 21, 2023, the Auburn Floral Trail invites you to follow a self-guided trail filled with the finest blooms and foliage in the area. This trail features spring flowers such as azaleas and budding trees such as cherry, pear and plum trees.

This 14-mile trail is broken into a 10.5-mile south trail and a 3.5-mile north trail. Plus, it includes two bonus sections! Signs are posted along all trails to help you navigate your way through. You can also find trail map brochures at City Hall, Auburn-Opelika Tourism and other city facilities. Or, you can download the Auburn Floral Trail brochure.

Opelika Azalea & Dogwood Trail

Also currently taking place now through April 30, 2023, is the Azalea & Dogwood Trail in Opelika. Another self-guided trail, this event brings in visitors from all over to see the beautiful blossoms.

Approximately 5-miles long, this trail begins at the corner of Second Avenue and Eighth Street. There are green arrow signs throughout the city directing each turn along the trail. You can also find directions online.

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Put on your walking shoes or grab your bikes—it’s time to see what these floral trails in Auburn and Opelika have to offer before it’s too late!

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